(Yes; even if you’re an introvert)












Your Network IS Your Success!

Are you looking for business growth, new leads or new opportunities?

And how many times have you been told that the best way to grow your business, find new leads and create new opportunities is to GET OUT THERE and NETWORK?

How many times have you been told that 'you really have to network'?

And what about, networking is 'essential for your business growth and success' ?

And you've heard so many times that it’s always about WHO YOU KNOW and not necessarily what you know. 

But right now?

What if you don’t have time to nurture new connections? 

What if you BARELY HAVE TIME to see the connections you already have? 

What if you feel like a fish out of water in your industry and have absolutely NO IDEA who to connect with or even WHERE TO START

And what if, as much as you know you need to get out there, your LACK OF CONFIDENCE and shyness is fuelling your FEAR and paralysing you to take action? 

And the thought of joining YET ANOTHER NETWORKING GROUP fills you with DREAD!


You start feeling like you might as well just continue to grind on your own, at least then you don’t need to fear rejection, losing connections, wasting time, or worrying about if this person is the right person or if you’ll have to enter the game of networking roulette firing off shots until one hits. 

These are just the beginning of some of the struggles  I've heard over the years from 1000's of clients who are trying to network and connect. 

In fact let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine this... 


You’ve walked into a room full of people you don’t know. 

They all look to be on a similar journey to you. 

Some people are just starting out. 

Some are years ahead of you and are generally surrounded by swarms of people barraging them with questions or invitations for a “quick coffee” that both parties know is going to be another 2 hour question barrage. 

You look around the room and then down to what you are wearing. 

Then you notice someone making a bee-line for you. 

As they get closer you feel like a deer stuck in headlights.

Your palms begin to sweat. 

Your throat starts to tighten and your heart rate accelerates. 

What if I’m not interesting enough? 

What if they dislike me? 

What if I screw up my pitch? 

What if they think I’m weird?

What if they think I’m someone I’m not?

They extend their hand and say a name that you almost instantly forget and your logical brain suddenly emerges from the throes of your panic. 

To your horror you realise you’ve somehow ended up at a networking event! 


Okay while I know it might not be that dramatic of a situation for most, the sweaty palms and fear are real for a lot of us when it comes to networking. 

We DON'T WANT to make shallow small talk. 

We DON'T WANT to be spending the entire time with people we dislike. 

We DON'T WANT to suck up to others and be fake. 

We DON'T WANT to rattle out the same rehearsed pitch for 3 hours. 

We DON'T WANT to waste our precious time.

And when you think about networking this way I can see how the #solopreneur lifestyle became sooo popular for while. 

But what if I told you that this type of networking was a lie? 

A one that the corporate world and all the “gurus” had fed us for so long. 

One that made networking a game for the extroverts and truly confident people, leaving the rest of us awkwardly mumbling around the sidelines. 

What ever happened to actually talking to people not to JUST make a sale but to REALLY connect? 

What happened to those deep and meaningful conversations that led to both parties walking away with new ideas on how to improve their business and the world? 

I’m on a mission to bring back authentic networking and confidence for all entrepreneurs (extrovert or not!). 

How can I guarantee to the introverts that this will also work for them? 


But I’m also a Networking Queen - I’ve written a best-selling book about networking, I’ve trained thousands of people around the world, spoken to arena filled audiences - because I know that networking is an ESSENTIAL SKILL to business and personal success AND I WANT TO HELP as many people as possible learn this game changing FORMULA.

So say goodbye to sweaty palms and panic inducing thought loops. 

We’re rebelling, we’re gaining confidence, we’re growing unstoppable and rock-solid networks, we're build real partnerships that will scale your growth and we’re doing it all without faking a single second of it. 

Welcome toTHE NETWORKING MATRIX™ program!

Why did I create this program? 


Because I was absolutely tired to death of the shallow networking that was happening in the business world, and I wanted to shake things up and show that true growth and success comes from authentic networking not pre-scripted interactions where people have 30 seconds to get their pitch out. 

Aren’t you tired of it too? All of the fake smiles and people pleasing? Aren’t you tired of being worried about what others think? Aren’t you tired of having to fake confidence because that’s the only advice you’ve ever been given? I say it’s time to REBEL!

I’ve already got some great content lined up to debunk the networking myths you’ve been fed and to help you create real connections (trust me, I’ve written a whole book on it already) and much more that will be catered to your specific situation. 


  • To leave you with a ROCK-SOLID and SUPPORTIVE NETWORK that will push you to reach your success.
  • You’ll feel CONNECTED again (no more loneliness at the top). 
  • You’ll have a NETWORKING FORMULA  and the SKILLS that will help you CONNECT CONFIDENTLY and WITH EASE (this framework is so much more than the ineffective scripts other “gurus” might give you). 

Learning to network the right way will result in:

  • More clients
  • Business growth
  • Increased knowledge and experience
  • New opportunities
  • New business
  • More confidence - and who doesn't want that!

These are all results I have seen across my years teaching people this NETWORKING FORMULA to build their networks and the best part is… you won’t need to engage in shallow small talk or fake it till you make it. 

We're going to SOLVE the 3 biggest problems that STOP entrepreneurs from networking the right way which impacts how's they build their business: 

Lack of Confidence 

Lack of Network

Lack of Time

And we will tackle them all in just 7 weeks

First, Let's Move from AVOIDANCE to ACTIVELY SEEKING the People You NEED to Know 


STEP ONE is to remove the LACK OF THE RIGHT NETWORK - whether you're unsure of why you should network or wondering if networking is even worth the time and stress (don’t worry, I make the process so simple that you don’t even have to think about it as networking anymore).

When you do network the question is who you should have in your network and who you need to remove from your network. 

Lots of questions right?  And all this questioning often results in procrastination which results in one thing - remaining stuck where you are and not getting any closer to those goals. So how are we going to solve this problem?


We'll start with building a Connected Network - making sure you get clear on WHY you need to network using The Game Plan™ and my unique Triage Process to quickly assess the quality of your network right now. This process will IMMEDIATELY IDENTIFY THE GAPS ON YOUR CURRENT NETWORK.

Network Matrix™

Next, it’s all about WHO - we'll map your perfect network using my Network Matrix™ framework I'll identify the NETWORK YOU NEED, the right people, with the right information to drive your success  Say goodbye to loneliness and welcome to a network of supportive high achievers.  

Shadow Archetypes™

Next, we will identify the The Shadow Archetypes™ you need to MOVE AWAY FROM- the people that aren’t serving you right now, that suck you of energy, put a full stop to your dreams and instead of boosting your confidence they stamp out your self belief.


The result?

You feel empowered by knowing exactly what stands between you and your goals and WHO YOU NEED TO KNOW to help you bridge the gap.

Pascal Uerlings CEO at J4RVIS

 Next, Let's Skill-up to Network with Confidence and Purpose

STEP TWO is getting rid of any networking discomfort and skilling-up.  We’re going to ramp up your confidence and teach you the skills to remove any fear you may have when it comes to networking with ease and purpose.

Reach Out Plan

By now you’ll have identified some very clear gaps in your network so we’ll work on your Reach Out Plan of HOW to FIND and CONNECT with people IN THE RIGHT WAY - a way that is respectful, adds value and that works every time. And to maxmise your chances of success you will have access to 15 proven frameworks that you can use when connecting via email, message or LinkedIn.

Personal Blueprint™

Next, it’s time to ramp up your VISIBILITY and MEMORABILITY. The traditional elevator pitch is well and truly dead! We will develop your Personal Blueprint™ to lock-in your unique expertise, point of difference and personal positioning. This framework will help you introduce yourself in a way you will STAND-OUT and BE REMEMBERED and with practice you will be able to introduce yourself with ease when you meet someone for the first time. NO DOUBTING YOUR OWN ABILITIES.

3 Step Networking Success Formula™

Finally, I will teach you the 3 Step Networking Success Formula™.  This is where we SKILL UP - building your skills, confidence and mastery in connection - yep it's all about building up your networking skills.  I’ll show you how to start conversations without the awkwardness and ickiness, HOW TO ENGAGE and build interesting conversation and the importance of ELEGANTLY EXITING EVERY CONVERSATION.


By now?

We've developed your networking skills and you're networking with confidence and in a way you will be remembered!  

Finally, Let's Leverage Your Skills & Time To Get Massive Results 


STEP THREE - I will teach you how to Effortlessly Leverage your network and maximise the time that you invest.  Let's be real, time is the scarcest resource we all have - who wants to be wasting time networking the wrong way vs. building exciting partnerships that will SCALE your growth


Connection Strategy™

First up, we will develop a Connection Strategy™ to NURTURE your network with all the when, what’s and how’s figured out for your specific situation.


Then I’ll show you how to CULTIVATE your network intentionally and the power of VALUE EXCHANGE. Networking is a two way street and together we will create your value exchange strategy.

20:50:100 Formula™

Finally, I'll reveal the 20:50:100 Formula™ that will multiply your opportunities. This is all about effortless leverage, building your profile and business, generating leads and creating momentum without the ickiness of large-format networking events. Let's FAST-TRACK your GROWTH and success plans.

The Result?

Network with confidence, build a connected network of brilliant partnerships to scale your growth and success plans!   


Drip fed lessons over 7 weeks. Self-paced learning so you can implement effectively. Together, we build your personalised plan and create the right actionable steps to drive change.

Live Coaching

Every week join me online for a Live Group Coaching and Q&A session. I'll help you get unstuck, answer your questions, hold you accountable and promise not to take any bullsh*t excuses.  Let’s figure out how you can scale and get you to that next benchmark!

24/7 Support

We will add you to the private facebook group filled with members of this program. Connect. Collaborate. Support each other's growth and success. Build your network with other entrepreneurs who are also ready to nurture better partnerships to scale their growth and impact 


Lets Go!

The Networking Matrix™ 


We've called this program The NETWORKING MATRIX™, because that's our sole focus here. 

Most entrepreneurs are only a few people away from a key breakthrough.

Over 7 weeks I only want to work with a handful of people who can implement, test and report back on the results.

I'll use YOUR business as the Case Study to apply these strategies.

I'm ready to get started right away...and I'm inviting YOU to join me.


The Juicy Details


Over 15 hours of video training

25+ videos plus worksheets and other tools 

10+ hours of direct access to Janine for live feedback across the 7 weeks  (usually valued at over $15,000)

15+ scripts to use to kickstart your networking journey

50+ tried and tested conversation starters to overcome outreach anxiety 

BONUS: A free e-copy of my bestselling book It's Who You Know (valued at $29.95) 

PLUS: A 'Love it or Leave it' Guarantee (see below)

Cost:  $1500 (3 payments of $500 are available)

Length: 7 weeks 

Live coaching & Q&A: every  MONDAY 8:30am - 1O:00am AEDT

‘I thought I knew everything about networking. I mean, I’ve got more than 5000 LinkedIn connections for starters, so I flippantly leafed through it before I read the introduction. When I saw your claim that you only need 12 people in your network to create real influence and impact, it stopped me dead! I cancelled my dinner plans and read the book cover to cover. It blew my mind. Fast-forward two years, my recruitment company has tripled in size. I also launched another business - SPARC—The Sales Leader Network, the only global network exclusively for sales leaders. Ultimately, at the heart of this network is collaboration and a genuine desire to see others soar. Janine’s work has influenced how I lead and develop my own business” – Kara Atkinson, Founder & CEO - The Sales Recruiter & SPARC

Whilst we all believe we are effective in networking and collaborating Janine shared insights on how to truly be effective and successful by focusing on ones network through a simple yet powerful approach. - Brendan O’Donnell - Managing Director, Liberty Financial Services

“If you think you know networking, think again! I was fortunate enough to hear Janine speak at a digital event recently and got so many take aways that I have already started to implement. Janine’s process of identifying the people in your network that you need for success is brilliant and Janine is proof that it works! I look forward to continuing to build out my network in the right way. Thanks so much Janine” - Zoe Eather - Smart community specialist, podcaster and speaker.



I have invested years of my time into studying and writing books on the people we need in our life to be successful and I’ve condensed it down so that you don’t have to spend the same amount of time searching for the answers. You’ll have everything you need to know in 7 weeks and there is no better investment than the one you make in yourself. 

Just in case you aren’t entirely sure if this program is for you I’ve compiled a few FAQs below that might be able to help you out, or feel free to send me a message.

One Time



  • Over 15 hours of video training

  • 25+ videos plus worksheets and other tools 

  • 10+ hours of direct access to Janine for LIVE feedback across the 7 weeks 

  • 15+ scripts to use to kickstart your networking journey

  • 50+ tried and tested conversation stories to overcome outreach anxiety 

  • BONUS: A free e-copy of my bestselling book It's Who You Know

  •  "Love it or Leave it" Guarantee. 

3 Payments

$500 /m


  • Over 15 hours of video training

  • 25+ videos plus worksheets and other tools 

  • 10+ hours of direct access to Janine for LIVE feedback across the 7 weeks 

  • 15+ scripts to use to kickstart your networking journey

  • 50+ tried and tested conversation stories to overcome outreach anxiety 

  • BONUS: A free e-copy of my bestselling book It's Who You Know

  •  "Love it or Leave it" Guarantee. 

Who am I ?

Hi I’m Janine Garner! Bestselling author, speaker, and business owner. 

I believe all rules are made to be broken (although I always put the health and safety of everyone as a priority, just ask my kids, they definitely push this one too far sometimes!) and that the only thing standing between you and being brilliant is yourself and the people you choose to surround yourself with.

My passion around building businesses and unleashing personal brilliance stemmed from my long history of building brands for some of the world's best organisations. After 20 years of this , however, I found I was losing my fire and becoming frustrated with what I was seeing and who I had become.

Superficial networking.

People only looking for what benefited them. 

People not truly supporting each other so that the success is shared. 

I believed there was a better way, and I still believe we can have everything on our terms. 


I’m not your stereotypical entrepreneur, I’m a mum, I have kids, and I have a brain that I am ALWAYS investing in. Amongst all of these labels my end goal has always been to be a better human, to live and lead a life on my terms and to ensure that every single day, in every single way I am helping those around me achieve their version of success.

10 years ago, I started a women’s entrepreneur group  because I truly believed that connection and collaboration needed to be done differently.  I believed in focusing on the multiple facets of success not just the $$$. And funnily enough, after working on all of these facets the $$$ followed effortlessly for my business and for the clients I work with.

I wrote some best-selling books (Be Brilliant, From Me to We, and It’s Who You Know), had some amazing speaking opportunities and started really reaching people and making an impact. 


I once again became frustrated at the amount of people I saw who were absolutely EXHAUSTED, BURNT OUT, and falling victim to IMPOSTER SYNDROME.


That’s when I became curious, “What’s the tipping point between someone accepting themselves and feeling like a fraud?”. 

I talked to business leaders, business owners, interviewed people on my podcast and even went to Harvard to learn from the best. 

Across all of these different experiences, the same things kept popping up. 

If we can’t connect completely with ourselves, we can’t connect completely with others. 



We need to stop faking it til we make it and 100% own who we are. 

That’s when I decided to take my teaching away from the pages of books and start working directly with the people who needed it most. 

I realised the place where people needed the most help was connecting with intent.

As I mentioned this all started with how I was sick of the shallow networking. 

This program is focused around creating real connections while embracing who you are to build a network that will support you and pull you towards your success. 

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Who I Work With